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I had 2 years ago a dog for few months, the hatt where my center back away because he was too big and it was too tiring. she was my dog ​​so my darling, we wanted to know where she goes but the people have never been reported. I am very attached to her miss her and want to see them again, to see how she is doing as she had developed and how people are. what can I do ?

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Mach an ad on the Internet ... Describe the dog, his place of origin, date of birth and place photo to. Or search breeder in your area this race. If your mother has set the dog at a specific platform, then do it there. Good luck (I can understand you)

Evil is that because the dog is getting bigger and bigger and already is that a reason to give away it. Like a pair of shoes, just give it away! The new owner may want no contact with you, that should be respected.

Give the search for the dog of the time on !!!

If your parents at that time were not to provide the dog with an ideal environment in the location and they have given the dog thankfully, that's been the best decision for all involved.

And you now let the dog in his new home to be happy ...

Definitely want the new man also no contact with you, or they would be so reported times ...

you have something like a sales contract?

or otherwise, the address of the buyer, gifted, what do I know?

if not, no chance

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