Mnecraft landscape

I have a server a player seen of the skin has a cape and my question is how can I have put it in Minecraft me even one Downloaded thanks in advance MFG NicklasR

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Moin, so this cape you can actually just buy! If you have it then you need buy Optifine to see it! But you can also download Mod, but then only you can see the Cape, and the others have the mod too!

No, it's not so simple. Such Capes gets you only if you were on the Minecon.

Except it was a OF on his cape, so what do you get only if you have donated to opti fine (10Dollar). However, you see the capes only if one of installed.

2 ways: 1 you buy it you value Optifine. 2 you are going to ner Minecon because you get it for free

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