Mobile home (m. Attachment) be sacked. How to correct this? Which professional takes over something?

I fear that our mobile home has sunk on one side (West). It is stationary since 1985. For a better idea for the reader I give the directions with: The fictional direction would be North.

The small garden fence (north side) has tilted over the years and to the side, I guess, the earth has migrated over the years throughout the property to the north, because of the way on the north side slightly lower than the property.

In addition to the Western Wall, in front of the wheel, so to the north-west corner of the house, earthworks were carried out for water and sewer connection several times.

The porch door (east side) is located behind the Ostrad (south). it fails with one wing up and the other wing down to the frame, so that it can not be closed (Sorry, no adjustable hinges). The locks of the shutters no longer considered each other on a home-side (West), the front door of the small vestibule (east, north of Ostrad) lies above no longer on the frame.

In the sagging in my opinion west side, the wooden exterior wall panels separate transversely with the northern side of the house the wider gap. So is probably not the whole page, but only one corner (north-west) sagged., Which would better explain the shutters offset and the input and porch door.

My question: Can a stationary mobile home retrospectively up slightly to align it properly? Even if a non-mobile conservatory was added?

What should / can I do?

Who accepts such work? Which experts know them so that from one or entrusted with such a thing?

The best answer

Have recourse to a body operating. Alone with the lifting it is not sure done.

Frag doch mal the owner of the other mobile homes at the campsite what they're doing. Maybe one has indeed a solution. Otherwise I can not help unfortunately, sorry.

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