Money laundering as?

Hi guys. In many film and Gangster Mafia is often talked of money laundering. What form does this. Can hardly imagine being washed the money in the washing machine: D Ne Seriously how does something from?

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Apparently the term was created by Al Capone, who really took Laundry sure to disguise the origin of its revenue from underworld activities and to run on official business books.

He was officially a "successful laundromat chain operator" and no one asked how he the V16 Cadillac and the huge mansion, everywhere warehousing and offices, could afford homes etc. located. He had officially high income, they stood in the books and were taxed.

He never washed nearly as many clothes as revenue in the fiscal coffers were and orders were in the books. Most were revenues from the alcohol trade and smuggling during Prohibition. The flew but only after many years, because he had not disguised well enough.

Imagine a restaurant owner who incidentally vertickt drugs. the drug money is illegal and therefore dangerous for him. For this reason, he is gradually the drug money than restaurant income. This will be illegal drug money to clean "earned" money. Is really complex but it may be the first notice

Because it gets in the river washed

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