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What are the before and cons of concrete ??

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I can see that quite differently. Concrete is a problematic building materials. Reinforced concrete is pourable, by his inner steel framework also determined. It is essential the correct amount of cement and -type, so the steel structure mögichst long time there is a chemically basic air; so the iron can not corrode. If the iron wegrostet, crumble the concrete construction. Road salt is one of the biggest enemies of concrete. The chlorine ions react with the calcium hydroxide in the concrete, until no longer there. The same also makes the CO2 in air and the car exhaust, thinking to a concrete bridge in winter, chlorine and CO2. If the hydrate is converted to Kalkchlorid and calcium carbonate, the chlorine ions penetrate unhindered to the steel reinforcement and let it rust. Rusted steel has larger volume than unkorrodierter, that is, the steel structure growing inside, and - boom! - To the steel reinforcement cracks form, and now have a the water and then freezes and - boom! - The cracks are wider and wider. The bridge has become an economic basket case. This is a question of many millions of euros per concrete bridge.

Then concrete is a super heat conductor: A wall of reinforced concrete thickness of 1.5 meters, the thermal insulation capacity of a timber wall of 9 cm.

That's just the beginning. But I have not enough approved text, it would be a thesis that could be written about the problems of reinforced concrete, partly they are also caused by poor preparation of the concrete, false cement, too much cement, too little, falche shape of the sand grains to soft sands, incorrect mix of grain diameters and much more. But the theses about are all written long ago.

Monolith has, besides the WiFi problem, hardly any disadvantages. It combines the advantages of concrete (hardness) and steel (ductility)

Disadvantage: wireless problems (When we talk of walls and ceilings)

What have you been gathered? is yes here no homework Service

Selber think ... what have you found out so far?

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