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Hello I am 15 years old and have a question regarding a train tickets in advance :) Thanks in advance

Following situation: I want from Saxony to nRw drive a few days later from NRW to Rostock. A week later from Rostock back to NRW. Which ticket is best? A monthly pass? This applies only to a specific track or? A Germany Ticket? This is true only for a day or? I know myself very well. Hope you know a solution

The best answer

A monthly ticket for coming out of the question, a "Ticket Germany" does not exist.

If you book early enough and can set up here in advance to specific trains, I would suggest each a bargain price ticket for these three trips (there are from 29 euros, but price depends strongly on the day of travel and the used trains from). Info:

In addition, the youth BahnCard 25 would be worthwhile for you 10 euros, with which you save in DB tickets for normal and economic price 25 percent by the 19th birthday for you probably.

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