Morning after pill but no rule

I take the anti baby pill but so irregular had my friend and I sexual intercourse while crack and komdom ... Ca 2 hours after the GM I took the pill after

I take a pill with 24 white tablets and so 4 placebo tablets without effective! This all happened already at the end of the pill pack so I wärent the placebo tablets took my regular stay still out I'm pregnant or what's going on please help me :(

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"I take the anti baby pill but irregular"

Then you may omit it. If the protection is not already guaranteed, you need your body unnecessarily with artificial hormones to strain.

Since you irregular taking the pill and also have taken After the pill, you can put yourself confidently abandon the idea of ​​something like "regular bleeding". In your first hormonal chaos pur.

Moreover, the Entzungsblutung says nothing in the pill break on pregnant or not pregnant from.

Since you have taken the PD, you should be on the safe side. 3 weeks after having sex you can take a test.

You can then take a pregnancy test 19 days after taking the pill.

Hole you tomorrow instantly after pill.

The pill dannach may delay ovulation but there is no guarantee (!) For which one is not pregnant!

Try test strips? Gibts in any pharmacy.

Maybe the pill thereafter cluttered your cycle. To really make sure if you're pregnant, you should go to your gynecologist to go and have a test done.

You should ask your gynecologist

Congratulations, it's a girl.

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