Morning work, not learned

Hey guys, I'm writing a morning work, and did not learn how many days before should I start?

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Depends on the subject, the difficulty and your custom capabilities. Is Zb people very easy for those math and others are very good in languages. But starting 3 days before and on the last day before again almost always sufficient. But before you go to school and a 6 writing I would rather make a day Blue and the extra time to learn to use it. Learning the next time previously prefer. Good luck.

The Fage after the days is not so easy to answer, depends on the subject and the material, also on how quickly you realize and how much you are secure from the substance already.

In your case, there is no need, really, because the answer in your specific case:


I do not think so now that you my good advice will reach denn..ich would quickly make the PC and myself with the learned material now beschäftigen..und nimble Hufe..vllt. remains still hang something ?!

I think your question is a few days late. you can only try to quickly learn something, read the latest material again by and try as much as possible to keep mentally. Another suggestion is you can very well give nobody.

Nevertheless, I wish you for tomorrow the best of luck and press you the thumbs. Greetings from bienemaus63

German: 2 days

English: 3 days

Latin: 5 days

Mathematics: 7 days

Physics, Chemistry: 8 days

So just go in my journey back to the date and then begin!

maybe you should now begin immediately so that, instead of surfing the net

which subject which substance, how many pages, the type of school, which class, how fast you learn itself ..... So .... how do we answer that?

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