Mortal Part 7?

Hey you have got hold of even the heading read! White one of you, if there comes out a seventh part of The Mortal Instruments? LG Eli01

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As far as I know is small at first connection, but you can the schttenjäger academy, shadow hunter Codex, clockwork Angela or the chronicles of magnus bands read.

Actually, there will be only 6 parts, so the current part of the publication, is the last. But the author also has claimed the 3 part said that it is the last book, so I can only say wait and hope. :)

Actually Cassandra Clare has said that there is no other part! But there are the infernal devices and the chronicles of magnus Bane, also another book called Shadow Hunter Academy! But maybe they to decide also again like after the third part !;)

No, but are indeed numerous spin-offs to and Cassandra Clare also currently working on a new series.

I think up to now still no other part is in view, but Cassandra Clare is still working so well on another additional row called the infernal devices (Clockwork Angel, Clockwork prince, ...) If there is a sequel, it is highly likely that this appears only in a year or so. I hope you could help a bit at least. Mortal Instruments 1 was incidentally also filmed the 2nd probably coming soon.! LG Katniss

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