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Hello my dears. I would very much like a dog and would like to know in what form is implemented in connection with my professional educator.

I would like to take my dog ​​to the work site.

I would love to learn concrete proposals. I am aware that it is dependent conception ...

Thank you very much.

The best answer

Here in Switzerland, you can train his dog to therapy dog. He can then eigesetzt in elderly homes, etc.. I know also of kindergartens, have the therapy dogs in the classroom. How far that is possible in Germany, I do not know. You'd like previously inquire well. Think you well, what you'd like for a dog, not everyone is suited to. And remember well that you, if it does not work, 12th-15 years have a responsibility for the animal and not just can dispose again.

First of all, you should clarify whether you can take your dog to work every day.

If this is not the case, you need a dog sitter or he has to go in a dog daycare. Today this is quite normal and perfectly acceptable if the dog goes well here :)

Importantly, the first checking whether the employer's ever agrees. Then you should look that you find a dog that already fit into the environment, or that you can take a puppy to hire. But both options usually require training as a companion dog or Therapierhund. Many employers in such industries demand. And the dog knows later how he should behave in all situations. So training costs between 500 and 5000 euros. Whereby it certainly even more expensive there, but these are the common numbers for me.

Usually it is also important that regular vaccination is carried out, etc. Annually, but exaggerated.

A good friend takes her Labbi with the home for the disabled, it has to go through all this.

Find it's great that you want to integrate the dog into the profession. Is safe for the children a very different and special kind of learning. Find something really great and would make a KiTa / kindergarten place with such a qualification even prefer if I had children =).

I take my dog ​​with the way also to work, but I have a normal office job.

Pressures you all fingers crossed that it works like that.

Greetings Cert

would like to know in what form is implemented in connection with my professional educator.

all depends on how much time you have for a dog. A dog must daily. Sufficiently busy, managed gassi and get lots of exercise and attention.

Hi, if you would have then surely you are looking for a job that is not urban, so I think in kindergarten, nursery or urban youth groups will not go. However, have a friend who is an educator and now lives in Switzerland and works at a children's farm, which has since directly the full program with children and animals. Something 's gives also in Germany now farms where kids can contact animals. Is usually intended for vulnerable and mentally / physically ill children, so that you surely must also have a Zusatzqualifikatiion. But since you can take his dog when he good temperament and is topgesund)

how are you going to take a non ausgebideten dog with the work, as educator. you work with people, as it is not allowed tieremit einzubezihen who may janicht even take altenheim einenhundmit to no training for it, to caress for so insassen-- inquire yourself because only times correctly by your employer.

I also did not know how to become dog meet the wanted. wenndu 8 hours a day working, canst thou serve dog not constantly using this haben-- which is exhausting for einenhudn he needed intervening repeatedly friezeit to relax can ,, how do you want the moment during your work afford.?

Please think about your desire again accurately and in agreement with your employer!

If you ever want to work in Germany as an educator in a public kindergarten or a day care center, then forget times to take it the idea a lively dog with the service very quickly !!!

Twice a year, organize some kindergartens and nursery a "Haustiertag" - as one or the other very reliable dog may actually even be "presented" to the children as a demonstration, but that's about it in terms of living dog in kindergarten ...

I am aware that it is dependent conception ...

What Please???


But you need the right dog and matching employer.

What kind of device do you work?

I wish you success.

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