mother for dog (puppy) persuade?

Hay :)

So I got a little nit problemchen my mum and zwa I would have liked a puppy and we sometimes even what looked upon the animal shelter but whenever one like it pulls them back ...

We had 2 years ago already had a border puppy but that was only to care and education, and I am quite well beaten with her and she has to me better belongs to my mum ...

Now that I would like to own it makes me always only hope and then says suddenly no :(

I know that a dog or a puppy much responsibility is but my mum really know that I responsible because I am also for 3 months me help a horse free'll take care of and also in the household ...

In the school I am also ziehmlich good to write very high marks in most cases 2 and 3. FIG.

I also know that a dog longer than 2 months and in my later training I could even take him with back because I probably am in animal shelter or zoo a training :)

I am 14 and I would simply like someone little of me the first few weeks the nights not it be asleep constantly out needs and steals my place in bed and watching me aif :)

Can you maybe give me tips as I can persuade my mum or you can at least tell me what's wrong with her?

Depends her that the other puppie still behind her that we gave them back or is it something else?

Thanks in advance :)

The best answer

Who cares about him, if you are in school? Those who bring the dog? Who pays for food, veterinarian, dog tax, insurance and things he destroys in the apartment? Who gives away the puddles and piles, as long as it is not yet housebroken? Who goes with him to the vet, who pays the vaccination, the worming?

What's with the dog when you are driving in Europe? Who throws the dog when you are sick and it's raining and snowing and your mother is not there?

If you have a solution to all these questions is the dog justice, then you can try again to talk with your mother.

If one tries to persuade his mum, you talk to a wall ...


So so, your friend wants to Bundeswehr, Looking for an internship or job with weekends free (but should have, if possible, something to do with animals) and are 14 ....

You just "gefailt" on so many levels that I do nichr know where to start.

Man persuaded anyone to puppies or dogs purchase and mommies "No" means no.

The rant on this subject I will be and it will spare me, you and the other.

Expectant erwachaen and then ask again.

I remain Yours sincerely

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