Mother likes to psychologists?

Hello! :) My mother saw today was the razor blade bloody and then she examined my arms and endeckt I've hurt you. Now she likes me to a psychologist, what do you think will help get rid of me or is this just a waste of money?

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Hello. If you want to change something themselves will be able to help you a psychologist

but they can give instructions to you only. Reacting you have it yourself.

And hang in there and fight for you. It takes a long time to recover and is difficult. But always remember that you're worth it.

Believe in you.

While that will pay for the health insurance, but if you're going to go to an outpatient therapist, it is even if you do not even want more difficult, because you will still confronted daily with such things. Therefore, I would like to apply to your place at a clink for a place. Because when you are there, you are in a protected area, and you can little pass, although you can also there backslide but be as it is not as extreme as outdoors. Therefore, I can advise you, sink into a conversation :)


Why money? The paid health insurance, if it is necessary.

Let help you so.

Greetings, Flupp

The help you safely! :) Mother knows more

Yes go there on and listen with so nem Xscheiß.

Carry never understood that again ?!

You have a good mother! Be thankful and their trust! :)

Please let help you. I think the sick kassa paid. But please go there, yes? (: ♡

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