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Dear Community,

my sister is eight years old and goes into the third class. She is very spoiled and sitting most of the time on the iPad and smartphone and looks silly videos. My mother seems to be also not have to worry, although it with their grades now has been going downhill. I have to say that my sister is not really stupid, but their behavior is beneath contempt. It makes NOTHING for school, does her homework and NEVER skipping even from time to time. Because I can not interfere, since I live far away. Since my parents separated, my mother has extremely changed. Suddenly you do not care. In my mother's total chaos in the apartment there (everything is around, it's dusty and moldy ...), they always buy ready meals and is hardly at home. My sister is getting fatter and bitchy. I love my sister very much and I would like that she's better. I tried very carefully and slowly to raise my mother on it, but then they became aggressive and made me and my father offended and said that I should not teach her life. She has really very overreacted. You perceive very sour ... :(

Back to my sister. It is regularly watch a torment as she sits with chips vor'm iPad Files looks while my mother everything does not matter. take away your "pastimes" makes my sister seems worse because it viciously immediately losschreit. The keep the weak nerves of my mother and my mother starts with threats and then beats my sister regularly. I really do not know what I can do even more ... I recently got my sister to do their homework, but unfortunately I am rarely at her. Oh, I forgot to mention that my sister is with my mother always later than at 01:00 to bed and you can not sleep either way. Oh, and that my sister regularly down makes my father, because of their behavior.

Jugendamt brings nothing, because my mother and sister in Russia live. One probably. bring my mother to a psychiatrist? Probably not, my mother will refuse all the more. Should it be I do not care? Should I allow a likely future versaute my sister?

What should I tuen. I ask for advice.

Thank you... :)

The best answer

when the two live in Russia and you see them rarely what you want to do? would you let your daughter patch of the stuff, if you look you rarely thee? barely. I understand your worry and certainly your sister does not grow on ideal, but I see for you no possibility to help, unless you could get the sister to you. it is difficult to watch as other one loves to run into knife and myself can not engage you. but then you have to trust her fate, maybe it's your mother Yes irgedwann better and she wakes up and changes. her daughter and her myself it would be desirable.

etc. simply seize the iPhone and prohibit access to the Internet, easily. With 8 already? I ask you.

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