Mother wants small but no big dog?

Hello, we live in a 130 m2 apartment, which is not small (!). For years, I want a dog, a German shepherd, my mother would like, however, a small dog, though my father is also a large want, but as always he listens to my mother. She says she would not want to clean up, but that makes you but even with a small and I worry about the dog. I do not understand its aspects, the dog is too large for our apartment (130 M2!), He makes too much Dirty, although the German Shepherd but one of the most intelligent dogs? Besides more food and more exercise there are no differences? My sister and I could out run him more than 5 x the day and every day Jogge I with him. I no I'm doing for years ever

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Now create your family to after long Dogs desire a. And the child is not happy .. Still do not weep with the dog and is good .. Schließlich..schaffen your parents to the dog. And when they came they mean, along better with a smaller breed that is so. Each dog is at sufficiently workout very intelligent. Each dog learns differently and each dog domestic education. If you are unable as the owner to give the dog something is not due to the intelligence of the dog.

Your mother's arguments are really a little obsolete. The apartment with the size and dog size is a matter of personal feeling. But a big dog does not dirt. Even small dogs can much employment need (eg small hounds). As more food is probably true.

Holt you provide a quite young shepherd, is still small and when it is large, it is your mother not throw him out.

... Before you've even written that a dog must be regularly remain for hours alone with you, or would ...

Then dog ownership comes with you anyway into consideration!

If now but suddenly everything is completely different with you - you get a different answer:

The whole family should agree which dog in which size for you is appropriate.

Perhaps it would be for you to visit as un-determined family good times one or the other shelter. There you can which dog could be well advised at all suit you ...

If you do not absolutely safe for the next 18 years provide CAN; to go every day WITH THE LEAST animal out 2 hours You are not suitable as a dog owner.

A shepherd needs at least 16 hours of employment - EVERY day, even in wind and weather.

Who in an apartment keeps such dogs (130 square meters), commits worst animal cruelty.

Think about it. The poor animal is delivered to you. You will perhaps 6 or 7 years time a "friend" have or have to move out.

Then what about the dog?

Experience shows that care for a dog Kids like you 3 to 4 WEEKS.

Your EGOISM has Ninten to stand on - the interests of the animal are relevant.

As long as you live true what they say with your mother. Sounds goofy, but just is. Although I do not understand really your mother for a big dog does not muck just you have to buy more food for him and go Gassie often with him.

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