Motivation to learn for school?

So, I'm not really good at school and have 'fear' sit bleiben.Ich do not know really how I better be soll.Ich could indeed learn but I have no motivation dafür.Ich need any Motivation..aber well, .. something I do not get so schnell.Und also I faul.Kann someone help me somehow?

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This is a difficult undertaking. It is not given to man to learn trivial stuff. And that is why it is Clearly, if you learn for school. You say it's already in your headline: "to learn for school." FOR THE SCHOOL and not for you.

That's the whole secret. Whenever you learn for you, there is the motivation no problems and it is exhausting at times, you usually makes nothing.

Is not it strange? Since the school bureaucrats inventing their curriculum economy always new concepts and methods by which it forces the students to deal with content that is meaningless. She manages to also put einredest yourself that you were lazy.

This is the same "laziness", who accuse you your parents, if you do not clear up your room. But what you have to do with the needs of your parents for a tidy room? You agree that it is exactly at the time, where you interfere disorder. Your alleged laziness is gone.

And so it is in school also. If something is important to you, is automatically motivation there. Threatened penalties as bad marks, warnings, reprimands or references, are just that scare tactics and no motivation.

Greeting Matti

The only motivation is to keep in mind as you go out that last time, from this awful building. And never have to return.

So I learn just for my family, so are proud of me!

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