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Hello people: D,

A friend would also bring a bike and start with me the A1 driving license. But he who can already get just a bike for up to 1500 €.

Do you know a motorcycle (Cross quietly) that is suitable for the A1 license?

Thank you in advance !

The best answer

If you have at the Yamaha WR interest, you have to distinguish between the WR 125 X and the WR 125 R. The X is a Supermoto, ie it looks like a cross, but has a normal road tires. The R is the right cross and also has an off-road tires. I also believe that the R is slightly higher (when comparing same versions).

Must decide what is the right or your friend. Good luck with your search.

I also recommend to get a 4-stroke engine, unless your friend screwed like at his bike around.

  • Yamha XT
  • Yamaha DT
  • Kawa KMX
  • Suzuki DR
  • Honda XR
  • Sachs ZX (old 2-stroke)
  • Just do not Kreidler and his family

a used Kreidler Supermoto 125 dd

Yamaha WR 125 or Kawasaki KLX 125

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