Motto Week: childhood heroes! Hilfee!

Hey, we soon motto week & I do not know what to wear in the theme of childhood heroes: 0 I really wanted BieneMaja take but do not know how. Do you have tips?

Do you have any other suggestions? So I have brown hair, so Barbie is not ever ...

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Pippi Longstocking!

The is sooo strong and always find a solution to a problem. And brown hair can be slightly reddish shades and braids braids to some wire, they are!

I had then Minnie Mouse, just a red, or black skater skirt and then a top or T-shirt in the color, the rock, unless he is black holding red & sweet ears. With make-up nose make black & you're done :)

Patrick Star, Yoshi.Toad


Power Ranger?

Mouse or elephant from the program with the mouse?

Maya the Bee is good. How about starting with Caillou and hair? : P Ok ne. Hm..

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