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Hello, on Sunday our Leonberger (4) died, his brother (7) is since Monday completely verändert.Er is just still there, is no longer in the evening with the house, it seems to me as if he wartet.Fressen him and drunkenness he does noch.Gassi going for him is currently somehow no longer as great as sonst.Er're so sorry and we will try as much as possible abzulenken.Was we can do?

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Hello, I was in a similar situation. My dog ​​Zabrino was very closely associated with my cat Mickey. They were really very close friends slept together in a basket, etc. As Mickey died, which was very bad for my dog. I tried to distract him, etc., but nothing helped. At first I thought that would be with time, but this was not so. I then gave him Bachblüten (first I was very skeptical ...), but it has actually helped. He came out of his sadness and lethargy, and it is soon gone him well. So I would try it in your place times, one can not go wrong with it. There is a good book 'Bach Flower Remedies for Animals', because you can read everything, or even the Internet. In my case, the Bach flower mixture 'Star of Bethlehem' well helped. Is there in the pharmacy, this is allowed to be a 1ml syringe of giving. mix 5 drops with a little water and then laterally give the dog with the syringe of the mouth, so that it is on the mucous membranes. - I know that now laugh at many of those who read it. As I said, I was skeptical at first, but it worked. I then later even in another case Bachblüten applied to one of my other cats and also because it has helped. Give it a try.


I am very sorry about that. Dogs also notice if something is different from usual. And if in his environment someone is sick or died too. I think there's only distraction with games and cuddle a lot.

his next pack member Clear lacks. Let it time. As our small Münsterländerin went that Dackelin has wanted for a long time every evening after her.

An object is to distract him.

So a dog is only human

Yes, animals also need your time to process what. He noticed it, even through you. Animals can vote always perfect to 90% the behavior of their masters and if you mourn, he mourns with you. Cuddles more, play with him, do not be. Buys treats him. this grief too will eventually perish and the best you should also get over it over it! :)

Make more with the family and dog and I watch movies together.

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