Move? Electricity?

Do you have experience with electricity suppliers?

My girlfriend and I are going to live together and are looking for cheap suppliers.

Oh yes, we will move to Nuremberg ^^


The best answer

Hello Zoello1992,

because finding the most appropriate provider is determined in my opinion also very personal criteria, I suggest one or another before reluctantly. but I would like / you give you some experience for decision at hand.

I hope they are in your (off) election votes.

Greetings and a Happy New Home!


Some experiences and tips for denLieferantenwechsel (electricity / gas):

about 4 weeks are to be estimated for the entire procedure. Less is hardly realistic. But what matter if you are the change in order - the new supplier transfers. Kündigtman itself, a realistic schedule is important and therefore to be observed.

I personally prefer denbisherigen providers themselves to terminate (What already directly nachVertragsbeginn can also happen and the "forgetting" counteracts.) Conversely, a new instruct. Of course, one's approach is all free! The important thing is that you all correspondence and data listed therein, particularly to take-off point, meter number and meter reading, exactly prüftund possibly react.

Package deals are critical to see -see my first set - as they exact knowledge of their own Verbrauchserfordern. Otherwise the shot is almost always backfires or at least annoying as an over is much more expensive and adopted at a lower Verbrauchals, not credited.

Rates with Bonus can be einelegitime way low to come to services. However, it is true, advance statements necessarily to study and weigh the Conditions precisely whether the conditions laid down therein for receiving the bonus (duration, termination options, etc.) Can fulfill certain. If not, such a tariff is more expensive than daspreiswerteste offer without bonus.

My experience is with beiVerträgen bonuses, this (the bonus) during the minimum contract period vomKunden, financed by high installments. Therefore, such offers are good and not to reduce the monthly, fixed costs. DieErsparnis manifests itself only after a year, in deduction / payment of the bonus effective. Advance law, has this not forfeited (see above).

To know in bonus contracts, how much you pay for actual monthly, it is recommended that the total cost fürein year (consumption x Price / kWh + basic rate) to calculate the data, which are recorded when there is no bonus. So for example, for a second year of delivery. This provides the basis for calculating the supplier forthe interim payments. It should be considered whether 11 or 12 installments Withdrawn (see Conditions).

In my experience, all just 20% to 30% of the bonus amount remain inallem, after the Calculation of what you pay for with the discounts on the entire year, as savings, compared to demgünstigsten rate without bonus. If the bonus for any reason away, number verification, based on this, that up to 80% more. It should also be mostly changed again at the end of mitBoni occupied period, since these rates without imputed bonus usually are just expensive.


- Set always dieAuswahlkriterien derSuche manually!

- No advance! (Anm.:Ausnahmen prove the rule)

- Preferably, a maximum of 12 months contract

- Reductions monthly possible (see Payment)

- Multiple comparison portals benefits

- Looking at savings potential, brings a high work rate, the largest cost reduction (saved kWh xArbeitspreis). The reverse is true when no savings potential, or even an increased consumption is expected (high base price, low operating cost = lower costs increase [More-kWh x energy price]).

- Consider offers of comparison portals Always directly to the suppliers by commodity charge, Grundpreisund consumption calculation.

- 2-4 favorable provider auswählenund the exact contractual terms on the website of the relevant Anbietersauf scour pitfalls. If necessary, Search the internet for customer opinions.

The following link leads when needed zueiner website with more detailed information and tips for a change.

There are now so diverse Portalefür price comparisons, including pages that directly, even Bonizusichern. Da me but lack the time to overlook this all regularly, want this issue any more recommendations. I ask this on their own responsibility to investigate. Although I but, if desired, like dasErgebnis Acknowledge with an opinion.

Most current comparison calculator as Verivox, TopTarif, Check24 etc. have in the entire upper area largely scrap suppliers, where best to equal also takes the lawyer to do so. Especially if you "Einrechnen the Bonus" leaves as a standard option.

The reviews on the portals of no use; also known problem providers have mostly as 4 out of 5 stars.

For this you should sure that the option "only recommended rates' off (also not let recommended!). Reason: many smaller suppliers do not "improve" enough votes or not with straw men and fakes. This individual, negative reviews can already pull them down.

That with the annual change may be an option if you have the nerve. But the very unscrupulous filters Also to such customers. And since the current cost then the 2nd year really easy times about 30 cents / kWh, nothing that would somehow acceptable!

Quite good information about providers, the Association of Energy Consumers:

Who wants to play it safe, can take the "real" Ökoanbieter that are recommended by environmental groups. Not cheap, but serious, and at least in terms of cost portable. Otherwise, the various public utilities; there's also different tariffs.

Hello Zoello1992,

The relevant comparison portals offer ever an orientation. A real value compared to not offer. Please refer:

http: // ...

You should make sure that you choose any tariff the deposit, payment and purchase volumes (so called. O volume. Package prices) included. Also of any bonus should be reported separately and not already included in the savings. Because that distorts the Ergbnis. So supposedly cheaper rates are then often more expensive than a rate of no or only contains a small bonus. - Computing even after: (price / kWh x consumption + basic fee =)

The reward should not be subject to conditions such as direct debit, no cancellation before the end of 12 months, etc. - Proper formulation would be: "payout after 12 months in supply." etc.

Hence my recommendation to you: Find yourself in Nürnberg an independent energy broker who serves you personally. Its services are usually also free, because he receives a fee from the provider.

If you do not find any support, send me a message.

For 2 people I would calculate as an average 3000 kWh / year. The annual invoice amount in the N-Ergie is around 917 Eur - In a reputable supplier about 140 Eur savings / year (o.Bonus) are feasible.

About or similar portals you can let calculate you what current provider is the best for you. As is queried in what kind of country you live, how many people live in the household, etc.

And that is not necessarily a power company near Nuremberg. We are at Stadtwerke Wiesbaden, but live about 100 km from Wiesbaden.

Most electricity suppliers can be purchased in 1 year super conditions, which is more expensive. Therefore we change almost every year our electricity provider. Is somewhat complicated, but if you have to look on the money / want, you can save a great while.

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