Moving large Aquarium and Big Dog

Hello, we draw 700km to continue and are 3 people. We have reserved a 7.5-ton and drive it to our new home. Having your own car, we have not. We have a large aquarium and a large dog (and transport box). What must be observed when loading from dog and aquarium in the truck? The trip takes about 8 hours, unfortunately, and it could be cold sensitive fish and dog. I look forward to advice from relocation experts.

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I am not a relocation but Aquariums- and animal expert.

I have an idea, what you could do.

I would absolutely advise against all included animals in the large truck to transport. Take still prefer a small car for fish and dog, which is safer and more relaxed. The fish can you then do either in the aquarium in the heated trunk or in a transport container for the dog on the back seat. Then the animals need not be in their transport containers quite as long, because a car is allowed to drive faster than a truck. The car is a little easier to handle what yes grade is more comfortable for the animals, and he is much more comfortable when it comes to heating and lighting conditions.


Mir is handled somewhat enigmatic as a large procession with a 7.5 tonner. That is your problem. Go out of a self-driven vehicle, which you allowed induviduelle breaks. lower water level when aquarium and insulate against cold, logo. Dog should have to be inserted in the driving breaks, min. 2, may pursue his needs, give water. Better not feed in front of transport, but give him plenty of exercise. Pay attention to optimum transport safety. Refrigerant harms the dog less than drafts. The box must erect posture and rotations allow, ie be sufficiently large.

I'm also with my "zoo" some time ago moved more than 700 km away. Furniture was in moving companies. Animals on two cars. Breaks, despite time constraints were inevitable. Have needed more time than planned. also on lessons a log.

We have reserved a 7.5-ton and drive it to our new home. Having your own car, we have not

Dogs must not be transported in the back of such trucks, as such a vehicle is not intended and designed for the transport of live animals.

you must you therefore additionally a suitable vehicle, eg. as car hire which the dog then must be transported secured. For this you can choose between transport box or special buckle.

Fish can be easily transported in polystyrene boxes, they are also in double plastic bags (there are specially in pet store) and equipped with heating pads packed. Since nothing can happen. But I would go with both the fish alsauch with the dog in a separate vehicle. Either you rent one or let go of you acquaintances for money. That's doable! Your dog could be alone in a truck in his boxing severe trauma develop respect. Moving and driving. Whether that is permitted at all I do not know.

I do not think that it is forbidden to transport a dog in an appropriate shipping box on a truck. It is important for the dog, which is not driven by the entire route. So the box so the place in between the dog out of the box can be retrieved and you go with him. When driving a car is not used then the box so make that he can not see out of the vehicle, which could lead to a Übereizung which then manifests itself in vomiting.

The aquarium completely empty and store resting, there must be no cavity under the floor space (as in the operating state) to prevent slipping, tipping secure etc. And also make sure that nothing falls on it. If it is then placed in the new location make sure that it is tempered. The fish and plants in a container to transport the too high is not to fluctuations to keep as low as possible and isolate according to the weather. Think of the ventilation. Remove non-empty but seal and connect so again at the new location. When it comes to take "old" water wg the necessary Baktereinstände.

Why the dog must be "promoted" in a box on the back of a truck?

can there anyone of the dog in a car from A to B.?

The trip would much faster proceed, car interiors were heated and most importantly: The dog may be performed as needed and does not have to spend many hours in such a transport ...

I can imagine that it is not so easy for the transport of the aquarium and the fish to be eight hours on the road ...

Please either another komabi for dog and fish to rent - or borrow from friends ... in 7.5 the animals are not sure tonner and the dog needs therebetween also pee breaks ...

household removals in all our our animals were separated from work cars transported 91 hangover / 2 dogs) ...

Without rental car and appropriate transport boxes for ALL animals it will not go.

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