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I talked to my mother, because I want in Helmstedt, my home, move away from here with my mother and my brother. I have problems, as you can put it like that, academically and socially. My mother has in mind because we would leave everything here (my grandma and friends). That's why I think this is my mother not think more about it and think, oh beautiful on Chantal. My grandpa lives in Berlin. Is there a way that I can join him? My mother will not be thrilled but I can not stay here. Or in an assisted living in another city. That would be really nice if someone has read it and understands me. Dankr

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If your guardians agree, you can draw to your grandpa to Berlin. If your mother does not want, but you will not be able to do much. Perhaps a visit will help the youth welfare office, which you have there really severe issues need (stress at school, etc. is not enough time because of). Attempt to solve your problems, because even in Berlin can again exactly come to this situation, and what do you do?

You can all pull out, if you can afford it. I would not demand that the whole family moves.

You can even talk to your grandpa if you ever can a few weeks prohabitation with him. Do this in the Pentecost. Then you see if you can imagine that. If your grandpa and your mother give the OK, then look that you apply for the change of school. I assume that you then want to go to school in Berlin.

In principle, you should but see the move as an exception. is something not possible always.

Running away is not an option.

Your mother will not let bequatschen. How Klecker woman already writes, solve your problems in your hometown. In another city you get other - or the same - problems. The lie that is not the environment, but to you.

I would even get in touch with the competent youth welfare office contact that tell you whether and how this is possible and what needs to be done if it is possible.

To ask your mother and your brother moving away and leave everything behind just because you have a pair of little problems is more than presumptuous.

Vocational and social problems, each time in my life. That is what you want to run away and that is a coward!

By running away is no problem to solve! This you will experience in your life often enough.

I do not want to discourage you or throw you only have negative things to his head. I just think you should wake up from your dream world. You can not always run away and hope the problems would then not present in the new city.

Also in another city you will have problems. And what then? Rennst you then away again? This is a vicious cycle that you can break through only be solved by effective problems.

Do something for your happiness! & Run away part because not one of them.

rather release your problems in your hometown, instead of running away.

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