Moving to Duisburg (2015)?

Good Morning all,

I have a problem and need times of someone who lives in Duisburg or has lived, some advice.

I last week looked at me a beautiful and good geschnitte two-room apartment in Duisburg-Wanheimerort. The apartment and the area has much to tell me. Very green location. quiet residential area, traffic-calmed. Two tram stops and S-Bahn station nearby. Ideal conditions for cycling. The proximity to the Rhine and the city center and to Duisburg city forest, and for Duisburg Lakeland and the Sportpark Wedau. generally a very high offer for my free time activities.

My problem is that I've read too many negative about Duisburg from the media. Keywords: Problem in Bergheim, Bulgarians and Romanians in Hochfeld and other districts.

I can not make up my mind. Who can help me?

I know Duisburg long. which makes it just not simple. Because I also have friends.

LG and Thanks for answers

The best answer

Hello, fabs2495 if you want to move to Duisburg, you should know that Duisburg is the first German city in which, I think from 2020, will be living more foreigners than German. I myself have no problem with foreign citizens, but who drags there to foreigners should be tolerant and open-minded. You seem to be a great nature lover, this is to say that you better look at the green areas there only from a distance, not should enter, because there the green areas are zugekackt lot of dogs. This may also in other cities, especially in the suburbs, to be a big problem, but while in large rich cities such as Dusseldorf, morning cleaning troops be sent to pick up the dog waste, so a bust town like Duisburg can as a luxury and not afford service for dog owners, of course. If you live longer in Duisburg especially and there may even want to have children, with whom you also may still enjoy nature want: then Duisburg better not.

Hi.ich live in Duisburg and already has a 14 year old girl say that duisburg become truly catastrophic ist.Ich go in bergheim to schule.Seid single pair months wohnene the Bulgarians and romanians no longer there but it is said that the house completely renovated but wird.Man do not know who live in there wird.Ich but do not think that there again Bulgarians and Romanians will drag on, because they have left the homeowner hefty debt. (Every time I look at the bus because I drive by constantly amazed. the window aind beaten broken and are on the balcony the toiletten.mega disgusting) in Hochfeld live my großeltern.Das is there a katastrophe.Kriminalität pur.Bulgaren were about our car during the night aufzuknacken.Jedesmal I read in the police news: Bulgarian women wanted that sind.In broken into the house of an elderly man Duissern they are each nachr in the savings bank and rob the people or have anything installed in the ATM machine, so it if you have money withdrawn from the account a card in the card slot tuck and then all the data is on the card not only in speichern.das Duissern so but also throughout duisburg.Also duisburg is truly disastrous

If you want, you can only read negative about any city. And what bother you, the Bulgarians and Romanians? Maybe you disturb it, too.

poor lunatic.

if you have already seen the apartment, then you should also do what goes with it.

how stupid is this going to make himself dependent on newspaper reports.

go into the cafes, speaking with residents, look at the shops on, driving the 40, the 57,59 up and down, get first time a feeling for duisburg before leaving to live up there, otherwise fetch you determines the Bulgarians .. ...

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