Muscle does not grow :( :(

Hey guys, have the same still ne question: I've undzwar 2 months ago an online plan purchased for toning. War as an offer only 150 €. But there is still nothing happened ... my muscles do not grow rudimentary ... how can that be? pay but no 150 euro and since nothing happens ...

The best answer

I would opt for a different plan .. Maybe it's the wrong body for your favorite .. But in such a short time you can not see much .. Respectively nothing .. Stay tuned and keep going ..;) in one to two months is to see what .. Good luck ..;)

Every morning, a Dummer on ...

The money would you rather invest in a gym with a trainer.

After two months at all, nothing happens except that your existing muscle fibers due to stronger blood flow a little swell.

First SMALL successes you see after six months. Correct visual changes after about two years.

Also, remember that training brings no change in diet little (not nothing, but less than optimal would be possible).

You have to aim at the target. : D

Muscle strength is closely related to your diet.

If you do not nourish properly does not work with the muscle strength as well

You have to wait and tranieren you. 2 months is nothing

Only plan does not help, you also have to work out and after 2 months not you see the world.


perhaps the "Online Plan" is defective. Simply exchange, covered by the warranty.


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