Muscles tuen hurt them grow then?

Hello've heard muscles grow only if you make the break not un during training.

Have had athletics on Monday and since I have sprint and 2.5 kg balls like a discus thrown now I have for example. In the breast muscle ache although I also leaked me is that growing the muscle now or why is that?

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Hello! I will explain again exactly what is sore: An untreated or improperly trained muscle is stimulated. The overloaded muscle has fissures (microruptures) in his muscle. Through these cracks slowly penetrates water, so that (ie at least 1 day 24-36 hours) form small edema after some time. The muscle fiber swells by the penetrating water and is stretched. The perceived strain Pain is the muscles which you verspürst. But if that Monday was it will be noticeably better later than tomorrow. All the best.

I also do athletics, the pain come in the chest by the ball bump, one rarely claimed the breast muscles and therefore one gets hurt right there. That is what you have normal muscles ... if you do after training or after the warm up gymnastics, you hatt the next day no muscle ache. So the next commit times do gymnastics.

As you realize that the muscles grow

Nrin, a sore has nothing to do with muscle growth. A sore muscles are tiny cracks in the structure of the muscle.

On the Internet there are way to many more, for example under the heading irritancy law

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