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Hello, So I signed up at a music high school, because I could play there new instruments. Unfortunately, I do not know whether I will be accepted and that would speak possibly something close my only chance with the music. My parents are currently in isolation and can therefore at most only finance an instrument (piano). I have 2 previously played other. I could always read the journal and never really had to practice. I now do not know if I'm gifted musically, but repays I have fun and I'm fine. When my parents wanted to complain at how a teacher can teach me even though I never practice, the teachers felt I belong to the best students: D October but I do not just know what to do if I'm not accepted at the school ._ , I notice that currently lacks something and ka there are possibly still a solution? Ps: I'm 15 and so I think I do not have so much time (study, work ...)

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Alright now. Learning music is unfortunately very expensive and for students it will be very hard to get something. Eineige states have since but which (as far as I know Bayern and possibly the Saar). Google times. Otherwise try to "promoting music students + your state first the instruments that you have already learned to perfect.

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