Muskelnn degrade?

Can you just break down muscle? (Eat more and not make more sport does not work ...)

The best answer

Hello Milamy! Inactivity ranges. The body never builds voluntarily muscles, lacking the need, they are just an unnecessary burden on him. Thus, the body must be forced to build muscle through work or exercise. For the same reason the body holds no muscles. What is trained, is without charm away. After the muscles have a kind of memory, and then build up faster again. But do not forget: muscles are important for the body.

I wish you all the best.

keep strict diet. The first thing the body is degraded in a diet the muscle tissue, fat tissue is only under "further" Walked.

Or just eat anything and not make sport

No you can not. At least I think of anything: /

Whaaat? I just hope it is just a question and you do not really want to try the ...

Muscles build off when are not needed. You have to do not even eat. Just stay for months in bed, do not move and e voilá!

Not a good idea

Are you serious ? wants to reduce Do not know a muscle. But surely you will degrade when you play any sport, sure duaret something. Why do you want that because if I ask?

Do nothing

what are you trying to achieve exactly.

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