Must be a professional hunter own a dog?

Hunters are always running with her dog through the area. Does the hunter to practice a dog or he may even without a dog of his work to pursue?

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There are areas in which a useful hound to place his (ie performed by a hunter) should be. In general, however, there is no Pficht. In the area hunters (you should the profession my) it will be as well.

It is advantageous from all, as the saying - hunting without a dog is trash - is absolutely true. Without usable (!) Hound, which should be ready for use at any time, you can do, inter alia, no decent chasing. There are dozens of other reasons why a useful hunting dog should be out on the hunt. Just google hounds in action.

I do not know a hunter without a dog. Den he needs eg for tracking will that is, when a wild was shot, but it is, Chaparral has dragged in the undergrowth, the dog must seek it and ferret. Therefore, it's important that the hunter has a dog.

has no, it is also without dog -then the jaeger it myself be good in search ...

a friend had long a hunting dog, then died of ... our friend is still jaeger and goes to time without verbeiner on the hunt ...

Once again much conjecture, but no knowledge.

The hunter (tested for hunting task) to keep the practice of hunting dogs sufficiently suitable and available to use when needed. Because that does not mean he himself is holder of the dog. He does not have to carry the hunting dog also. Important only that the dog is to be used when needed. So call, let dog come and let then put in the necessary work. then executes the dog another hunter is the handler hunting ladder. DAs applies to all hunting whether as a professional hunter or as a "hobby" hunters.

Incidentally, forestry and hunting are not necessarily linked.

First time away from TV Idyll.

What does a dog? Can the trees sort for the thinning of the forest? The forester's professional and wenns necessary he also hunts. Professional shooters are at the BW.

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