must in a pizza really yeast pure?

so I have no yeast for a pizza in the house and so necessary that is not or now?

The best answer

Then there is no more dough, you lkannst make a Quark-oil dough, look:

Quark - oil - dough for pizza


200 g Quark 1 tsp, gestr. Salt 3 egg (s) 5 tablespoons oil 400 g flour 1/2 Pck. Baking powder


Working time: about 30 minutes / Difficulty:. Normal / calories p. P .: not specified

Quark with salt, eggs and oil mix. Flour and baking powder seven, with the dough hook of the hand mixer mix (or food processor). With both hands, knead to a smooth dough. Two round shapes or a baking tray with the dough interpret. With the fork repeatedly pierce the no bubbles form.

If desired show. At 180 ° C about 25 minutes

For this purpose, I recommend my Pizzaiola sauce.

Good succeed :-)


Yeast is a necessary traction and loosening agent for a pizza dough. Then you can do without so difficult. An alternative would be to use sourdough (best wheat sourdough) instead of yeast. However, one would have to be cultured in a rule itself, which would take a few days.

If it should not be possible even to get yeast, then there are other baked pasta. Quiche is based for example on savory shortcrust what one needs no yeast, and is otherwise similar to variable make like pizza.

Well, you can either make a yeast dough or a dough Quark oil. Both go for pizza ..

A "normal" dough pizza naturally has yeast as an ingredient.

But there are alternative recipes without yeast. .. Use times Google

A dough without yeast ....? It does not work.

You can alternatively resort to a quarl oil dough, but then greatly reduce the sugar or omit.

Without yeast the dough does not go on up.

Did you baking? Had my wife from embarrassment times used as no yeast was there.

Have such a recipe times unearthed:

can try. I doubt but that the dough will be as fluffy. Kanst yes NEN ask neighbors or search for yeast-free recipes on the Internet)

Yeast belongs in the pizza dough necessarily purely otherwise the dough becomes hard and unpalatable, you can bake anything else with baking soda.

No, not necessarily:

Instead of a yeast dough you can also prepare a fantastic Quark-oil dough.

Without yeast you get biscuits.

Cookie Monster - Quick and slow

A pizza is made from a yeast dough.

Take a Quark-oil dough:

for a conventional pizza dough you need natural yeast, the dough is not for nothing that "dough"!

one does not need, but should be pure - otherwise you just get a hard "pizzakeks" :)

sure must heferein da

Mama mia, a pizza dough without yeast - that no pizza !!!!

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