Must Owner Dog Size prohibit / set?

Hello, I wanted to get a dog had a 3 bedroom apartment with Ca. 65 sqm, live there with my friend. A lease is that I need the approval of the rent for dog ownership, so far so good. I understand also, would eventually also want to know who else lives in the home, etc. If we were to bring us a dog, would this max. 3 hours alone. My friend then begins to work on when I Feierabend (depending on when I final)

Anyway thought my cooperative, the dogs were allowed to 40 cm, and they send me a request.

At my last apartment (45sqm) on the same lease was told verbally that are shoulder height of 45 cm allows (maybe she has also squandered ... ?? On oral one should not anyway give much ..)

Already have an attorney for tenancy phoned knew it but even not exactly. The Humane Society said that there exists a law, the lawyer said that he had never heard that there is to be a law. The woman of animal association, it could not define me.

My question is, the landlord may make the size of the dog depending on? If so, that is Enacted or justified her your yes / no?

I want to get me any German mastiff or something in the way it interests me purely legal because I never before somebody told them.

Who has lived through? How did it end?

Please no outcries because of "animal cruelty" it's just my question even if most of that last sentence ignore hahaha

I value you towards the Bullette, give your two cents: D

The best answer

I value you towards the Bullette, give your two cents: D

THANK ... arrived ... yummy ...

Anyway thought my cooperative, the dogs were allowed to 40 cm, and they send me a request.

Yes, that's okay ... It has a little to do with the fact that has been set by some towns and cities: what is a large dog since there is such a rule, which is called 40/20 rule and is called: about 40cm at the withers and / or 20kg weight is a dog a "big dog"

I would imagine that your housing association therefore, this "40 cm" as the default ...

aufgefuttert Bulette ... Want to know more ???

But now tell something for a dog with you to move ...

The landlord may say in quite which dog (breed, size) he tolerates deviation from the usual small animals in his apartment. He could also completely prohibit a priori dog ownership. but your landlord has certainly been the opportunity to agree at least to a certain extent of dog ownership. This tolerance is therefore inherently higher than the statutory minimum tolerance of livestock. Dogs are just not the "usual small animals".

It's nice that your landlord ever dog accepted. Unfortunately, this is not at all like that.

If you fall into a larger dog, then show the owner but a few photos with description. This usually comes in better than if you just call a race.

Or a dog from the home / private who is already trained and can cause you to take time to sample. He can make you and everyone else to know him.

Good luck

Already have an attorney for tenancy phoned knew it but even not exactly.

Then he missed the profession or chosen the wrong division.

Can not imagine that a lawyer for tenancy law does not know.

En homeowners can verbeten even dog ownership. So do not fuss .With only let 3 hours nothing also may prohibit the owner, because the dog is barking at the time as a world champion .A dog can not exceed a total of 30 minutes a day making noise. The apartment owners can all define what He does not fit. .Or You always want to complain. I watch already in-house, which will not be disturbed by the neighbors my dog.

if the lawyer does not know. I would first stop at the. what the landlord has vereinbahrt in your mitvertrag. since stehste first as safe

His house, his rules. So he can if he wants to.

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