Must the car before the brake transgress the kuplung occur?

Hi I'm 17 and do my license is the question above

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Hey I'm just driving. So if you want to complete should you brake by pressing before you brake the clutch. If you are not pressing the clutch in the complete termination, then you die from the engine. If you want to slow down but only a few km / h you do not need the clutch operate.

Depends on. If you want to slow down only moderately and still has enough space to idle speed, you need the clutch pedal does not necessarily.

If you hand in the emergency braking or has already little rotational speed clutch pedal definitely meaningful.

No. So if you want only with the speed-bit down No but if you have to change gear you have to

If you stop the car, or want to bring down from very high speed to a lower, then yes, otherwise you würgst from ...

Hi, Why do not you ask your instructor? Basically there's three options: 1. In Idle pickled: No 2. If a gear: Yes 3. In an emergency braking, it is totally not matter, the main thing you come to a halt. Whether going forth of the engine is a minor matter.

No. the clutch has to be entered when the tachometer indicates 1000 revolutions. as long as the speed is over is not necessary.

Not really! If, however, on the speed of the engine, he could go! This is exercise thing, sometime you have it out easily ...

And your instructor tells you nothing about this?

Yes then you have to depress the clutch pedal. But you can also, if you have just a little bit "brake on", not depress the clutch pedal.

The one learns by experience !! When you normally brake, not really. But, if you brake more, this is not a disadvantage.

I think so ... so I'm only 14 but I'm finally driven car: D naturally in a parking lot with my mom :)

So can not really help you, sorry

No! But in an emergency stop should one clutch and brake occur simultaneously!

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