Must with depression to psychologists?

Can depression also alone fight? (W, 15)

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Go day to a girlfriend and talk to her about it .. I wanted at that time my mother always help with psycho heinis leave but that has only everything worse so I went to Ner friend of mine and I told her everything so depresses me and they also called when I've felt bad evening and jmd to talk needed. It comes naturally also depends on what you have, depression is indeed a disease that is totally trivialized youth from and each of rumheult times has already which "" But the way you described the hast suffering you probably actually including and perhaps should look more than 1 relative person looking at the best and which have made the sometimes through.

Do not have to. You need simply only times a person with which you can talk about everything and you then "auszuheulen" even with the person. Often it is only a depressive phase, which then also passes. What is wrong with you? What are you thinking always? Love? Find no meaning to life? Mobbing? ._. If you want, you can send me a friend request and then can write to me if you want. I'll help you like :) Ps: I'm 15 if that is important to you :)

HEAVY but goes. I am 16, M and am / was depressed and was never in treatment. When I was about to spin I wrote with friends. At that time (with 14-15) I had a friend who knew how I am and I always could talk.

After I've now read everything so, I can say that I had exactly the same. Although I have now and still depressive trailer but that will pass. I think it's a phase that make almost all in the age by.

Hello ,

So if you suffer from depression you should'll they can not fight alone ... You must first know if there are depressions or just some kind of depressive phase .. this can you confirm just one FA ..

If it is a depressive phase is that, but is difficult in depression does not work.

I enjoyed a very good therapist once said: Those who sit in the pit can not look over the edge.

Get help - it will be the easier way.

How do you do that because with the school, you think because your a daily structure?

My personal experience: What helps better than to pull a blanket over his head in depression? Two blankets;)

courage and strength

There are several arten..worin is your problem ?? Much depends on you, some clarifies the time and so on ...

No you can not. So should a psychologist. But that should then also first determining whether there are any depression.

The first would probably checking ask: Why do you think you have?

Parents are mean to me and ne 5 in Bio are there no way.

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