Must write a poem spring itself need a little help!

I have a spring poem itself write about spring have been a little thing but the ideas are left in me. Would be nice if one of you has a few sentences that rhyme with respect to the spring.

PS: An idea that could rhyme with the phrase "fresh clear air with every deep breath"?

The best answer

  • Spring is approaching with great strides
  • Winter grabs one of his sled
  • Fresh clear air with each breath
  • The bees begin their reconnaissance flight
  • The flowers sprout from the earth
  • ....

Of this I never enough bekomm.

Roses are red, grass is green, I can not dense, grilled chicken.

Fresh clean air at every deep breath

The farmer next door pulls the flight

My parents are the company outing.

it must rhyme about? there are also many good poems, in which the verses / stanzas not rhyme .. if you think of any rhymes, then just a little bit on eighth meter and machs without rhymes. : D Good luck !!

is Beautiful 's to geh'n by the nature and the erblüh'n Blümenein To have seen.

Blowing the first warm wind you around the nose, then soon comes the Easter Bunny, he has forgotten the eggs, buy yourself which in Aldi in Essen.

"Fresh crisp air with every deep breath" ... about 50 times a day; then ist's enough. :-D :-D

I give me a morning jolt

fresh, clean air with each breath

swing myself on my bike sometime

pull the wide path in the sunshine.

About me circling the birds

Soon they begin to sing.

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