My best friend makes me all by and I'm still very angry; (

Hey, I have so asked a question in advance, but that's a long time ago and it felt better to ask it again. So my best friend and I (both 14, w) are JTZ very good friends for about 2 years. But since about 1 year makes me after all. So I'm a fan of Cro example, it is suddenly. I like a boy in our class, she likes him at once also. Now to my first question: Will it eventually stop? We have spoken already often but it does not stop. Or I can still something to do? And my second question: I React on? I ignore them in some cases, once we argued correctly and often I'm just offended and you can see from me that I iwas ...

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I know only benefit. me it has always excited when they suddenly wearing the same clothes. Honestly, this friendship does not exist anymore. I hate it just like you. Everyone should have their own taste / style and not always imitate everything

That will certainly stop, believe me. Iwann they will find their own interests when it is ripe :)

Offended react is wrong.

Imitated you, want to be like you. That you can wear with pride, but it should carry with version in any case.

When talking about "boys" were formerly girlfriends always the principle that the boy was interesting for the A, had to be off-limits for the other.

Take your the status of best friend and you will feel better .... what you then possibly even angry, at least not the "best friend"

Something called then bear with German: "Sidekick" ... such a copy is quite hard to find in Germany but once you should encounters one open mind immediately try to get rid of: o

should be your ne clear statement make it you should not copy but simply they themselves

Be glad that you have a girlfriend even if you pay the same skirts.

kid stuff !! see it as a compliment but when she wants to be like you !!!! it will be allright.

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