My brother does not respect my privacy. What can I do?

Hello, so I'm 19 and have a twin brother. And who takes every opportunity to get to private things about me ... And I idiot case even gonna work ... So as he wished me a video to my phone load from Pc and just I got him as he private images viewed from me ... and that goes not only to the mobile phone so, but also with everything that concerns him nothing ... he can not help it ... Do I have to lock up everything that belongs to me? or should I him no longer trust, and always reject everything what he or Is it not to like ask me?

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If people do not respect, often more behind it. Is there any jealousy between you brothers want a outdo the others what you undertake together or did you say little, only quarrels? the bad atmosphere leads to such attacks. Think what you want to do. Sure you can lock away anything not made available, but how do you feel it? It is not just any friend who does something that you too, it's your own brother. you should try again to talk about the matter. Border stand out, referring position, but do not be to challenge that. you risk further escalation ...

All private things locked away and all technical devices with passwords provided. Then you have your privacy back. PS I also have a brother ;-)

It's simple, talk to him and rule it. Ask him why he had needed and what he wants to achieve? If he is someone who often depends home and you just the opposite, so often there. Then take him time with ... He might need its own active life, so he has to be worry about more.
The second is that you have no secrets before your brother need. Of course, a certain privacy everywhere belongs to.

I do not know you, so I can not help you. But talk to him, take him with and hide his things better would be a start!

Either hide everything, or sometimes do the same to him

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