My brother does not want that I have a boyfriend

Hay first. So for a year I am (16) with my boyfriend (17) together. Everything was fine. He introduced me to his family. I was often with him and see myself totally with his siblings. The problem is that he wants it I'll tell my family time. Because my parents him long but not know of me and my brother (18) -the biggest problem was even with him in a football club and thus knows it probably also very good. However, white NOBODY of which I had with him together'm .. my mother I could but say they concealed nothing from my father. And thus it knew my brother. However, he would go ballistic. I 2 years ago my then best friend we brought have watched movies. When he came into the room he has taken false and totally freaked out?

What should I do? .. My brother thinks it not bad but it destroys the relationship otherwise.

Thanks in advance wenns anybody reads to an end?

The best answer

Hello. So as I understand, was your friend and your brother in a club and therefore knows him. Vllt you him once unnaufällig ask if he had ever made with his team problems, because you want to eventually join you one but fear ka rejection have or so. If he can deny you imagine him even a few days later your friend, first of all, one probably even before your parents your friend's agree something to do with your brother. If you explain the situation to him, he will certainly understand and agree. If you have any questions or so have yet, you can contact me thee so, then I vesuche to help you. Lg Teddychen1239

Tell him he does not have to interfere with your life. Go in an emergency xu parents

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