My computer is currently running Windows 7, but would like to upgrade to reinstall Windows 10 or. Will get my data remain in the process?

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https: //www./frage/update-auf-win-10-bleiben-die-daten-erhalten-ode ...

So an upgrade is always dangerous. Backup your data to another disk ... that's anyway urgently needed.

Whether taken over the programs becoming I can tell you only when I myself, on Windows brought several machines 10 ... and I'm starting at the earliest after 10 August. You can send me a FA and I'll tell you if it worked for us.


whenever an update or upgrade is present, is always recommended to perform before a backup, a backup.

Personally I assume that the Windows change nothing is lost.

Apart from a few system programs that are actually removed without replacement.

Yes, the data remains available and most programs that I know of but drops the Windows Media Player away.

That's what I was wondering. However, the stored safely. I can not imagine that the data will be destroyed mercilessly me that.

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