My dog ​​always barks at children! What can I do?

If my dog ​​sees children he is mesmerized and runs back and barks at them. Although he does not bite, but small children quickly get scared. Does anyone have experience or tips? Thank you!

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as long as he barks at children, you need to leash him. he does it with other, for example. dogs, humans in general? with a dog trainer can perhaps correct yet. or you go to a dog school and speak to the problem there. I had small children I would really angry when a dog zukäme barking at them. So rather read it on a leash.

The run there you can prevent you keep him on a leash when you lead him through areas where children reside characterized. At the dog park can then have fun your pet.

The dog belongs to the canvas! Children can always unexpectedly and suddenly appear.

Although he bites STILL not, but at some wannn he trusts might.

serving Your dog and you belong to a professional dog school, the everyday training and also training in groups.

We dog owners have it even without dog owners like you hard enough and for the participating children you are also really 'ne impertinence. So please, you'll get help. Thank you.

And let on a leash, it's not the running toward the dog barking to kids!

Not everyone can dog with children, my dog ​​can grab start with children absolutely nothing and they probably also and under some circumstances even, so he remains separated from children

he is mesmerized and runs back and barks at them

Dogs that are not available should, in principle, remain on a leash. If you can not make to train your dog, can / should you with a dog obedience school visit. There you will learn and even the dog.

If he runs to the children out, he is on a leash, easily. It knows not everyone that the dog does not bite.

And now just still say, you let the dog run on the children ??? That's a No!

How old is your dog? Has he had a bad experience with (young) children?

Your dog belongs to the canvas! ... And maybe he should get to know times to obey when you say: GIB RUH!

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