My dog ​​always lays down on my duds

My 8 year old jack russel places at night if I ever let my duds lying on the ground up. He rolls as more correctly, although he also has a cozy körbchen. Why does he do this?

The best answer

Does My 13 year old jack russel lady always seems to be at the race; D duds store the heat usually faster as the pillow in körpchen Auserd all the odors of both freshly washed things and borne nemen dogs very intense exercise and want to give their fragrances to an art makie

Cute! Who knows why he does it ... One probably because it your clothes are better than his bed? My dear dog lying on the cold stone floor than in his basket. Perhaps he simply sniff your stuff? Can he have in your bed? If not then this can also be a reason. But who knows, dogs have more complex characters than we think ^ - ^

It smells so good for you.

also be the DU may Basket find cozy, but not ER.

Why does he do this?

because the smell of his caregiver!

This shows that dogs are pack animals and want to be close to their pack and prefer.

your dog has exactly your messi-generated ..

He loves your smell

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