My dog ​​always makes totally stressful

always at 6am he wakes me up because he knows that I always go at this time with out him. But after he woke me up, he barks all the time and stressed out totally rum, I must still my hair comb dressed and so on before I go out with him. This stresses me a lot and he does not stop it (I do not know how I can work off him) This then goes so far that I was so stressed that I'm exhausted again. Because stress of a beating me is very very tired and listless makes ..: /

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How old is he?

When you go because the last time with him out before you go to bed?

Perhaps it is simply too long.

Otherwise just try times rest exercises. Only go out if he stops it. but this you need a lot of stamina and must remain calm. Would have advised almost to a dog school you there that can give you a number of approaches and find the right for both of you.

Mal ne question: Why you have to get the hair comb before going walkies?

And You've been out with the pajamas? Ne, but something also.

When my dogs were puppies, I had often to get out in pajamas. Once I even naked but clothed blanket out on the grass, because my puppy needs.

That's the way it is.

And the behavior of the dog: Is quite normal. The would be because it comes right out. And the more you come in on it, the more, longer and more annoying he makes.

And the question now is exactly what ??

The dog you can basically not to blame because the needs and should also get out. Attempts the time perhaps to put half an hour back, so you can then make peace in your hair.

What I do not understand is that you've purchased then ever an animal, if that is all but oh so stressful. The animal can for the least and tried only through the bark to attract attention. Obviously, the dog seems to be not much else "cared" because he would probably even well balanced and therefore quiet.

Maybe he urgently needs the loo and fusses about it. When are you going at night the last time with him out?

Well, as you lastest because the dog out? When you go out in the evening for the last time?

Does he always awake you to point 6? Then imagine the alarm just before. When he barks, you sit down un wait until he is calm. The porblem is: the dog must urgently you can not do that.

your dog needs and might have to get out urgently. you pull a cap on and get out with you, then you can still have your hair comb.

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