My dog ​​always runs away! What can I do against it?

Hi, I have an 8 month old Havanese dog. She lives with my grandmother, (she lives right next to us) and always skin when the door one second auflässt too long from. Be it just a gap, it forces its way through the door and runs over to me. Dasgleiche with the patio door which is not so bad because the garden is fenced, but if one probably on the road then a car comes and she comes running around the corner I can not find the so funny. You can also not caught because they then sees this as a game, just when I open the door and I can let purely catch them. Quite bad it is when the cleaning lady my grandmother is there, now it is cut back 2 times! My grandmother is 76 and does not come as quickly behind my dog ​​afterwards. I do not know what to do that they do not get run out the front door at every opportunity. We have tried but have stopped with dog school for personal reasons. I hope you can help me . It's really much, because I have really scared that they will eventually all run away if you want to catch them. Thanks in advance :)

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Now she is still young enough to teach her not to run away :) However, I can not tell you, unfortunately, as: D

My friend also has' nen dog and I also have very fond of him in the heart. He skin whatsoever from, but difference is that he is 12 years old and comes after 'its time back: D

Not with any dog ​​school / every dog ​​trainer to get clear. But there are other and that's what I wanted you to know.

The dog needs education and since her for any solution know, you should seek the help you.

We can say very difficult from here, as your dog ticks and what help exactly. That ought to watch live.

But why live your dog when your 76-year old grandma? She's certainly overtaxed. At times, I can understand that, if you are in school or anything, but permanently?

Quite bad it is when the cleaning lady my grandmother is there, now it is cut back 2 times!

if you know the cleaning lady comes, do the dog previously in a separate room.

Otherwise, you should properly educate so that he can retrieve reliable in any situation the dog. Something can both dog and owner, and you, the most in a dog school!

The problem I had with my dog ​​too: D he's out easily and has begun to hunt rabbits.

I then started to practice with him that he can not until on the door, so pulled an "imaginary line". Can also initially make with tape (works even better). And when he went over the line, simply take the place, so that it recedes. He has also learned that I'm the boss, not him: D That is, it is allowed to only when he is on a leash and I him Permit. And I always go out first! :)

And what can I say, after about 3 weeks of training he sets without my permission not set foot outside the door :)

Best wishes and much success GinnyLivi

Gaaanz simple: education!

My dogs have learned from childhood: an open door is not a free ride, it will wait until I say what.

Go into another dog school, when you're not alone to bring a dog something simple when able.

Why live your dog when your 76-year old grandma?

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