my dog ​​and my mistake

So it is so my dog ​​could do from the beginning what he wants, I know that it was a big mistake but now I need your help. This morning when I was with him gassi the lawn very wet, that is, his paws afterwards were very dirty when I was young I wanted to wash his feet when I wanted to lift him he bit me very hard because he already knew there I wanted to bathe him (which makes it more if we want to wash it but afraid of water he has not) yesterday it was just as only he yesterday as he bit, he did not let go. I now have him locked up in a room where he has to drink his blanket under I should do it that way? I do not want to hit him because that does not help him. PS help of a dog trainer comes in we have not because we just have a problem with our house and so we can actually spend money .... Please do not blame me for that. Yoshi runs at every opportunity away or tried really wipe me one it shows correctly Although I have never done anything to him what should I do now?

Thank you :(

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So I would now say that it is a heavy piece of work .. how old is because of the dog? Since I assume that it is more than 2 years he is already thinking of his infancy adolescence and thus you need you're trying a ADULT creatures manners at bring. He is beist you naturally completely unacceptably and if he then commands such as "no" or rather "from" does not hear you have to think you how the one hand show that you respect him and his other hand but you is the boss. It is the first beginning when the dog stops sit and down and here. Even if it is only with treats. Maybe you can get him that he does it at some point for streicheleinheiten. my dog ​​is crazy about streicheleinheiten and the'd do anything so he "made nice" or "super" sounds. , You have a strict but voice sound pleasant habit that calms the dog you. And if he does something wrong not loud but almost rather still 'dark' Although strict and halt synonymous certain. he needs to have differed by your voice recognize. and as for the run that may have many reasons .. z. B. to little outlet or maybe he wants exactly that you the 'Chef'- einnimmst role. Catch on that you are playing with him find a toy or an object with whom he has fun whether ball or Frisbee whether stuffed animal or Quietschding We have a Stooffknochen so I do not know how it's called. but this is actually the only toy that my dog ​​z. B. likes. and with this toy you can gradually try his interest in you and, indeed, the fun strengthen with you. and thus even the smallest 'commands' practice. what is clear is that is important that you EVERY day doing without exception. Otherwise is clear that eer the situation and your behavior is not serious, or simply not understood and thus again a new difficult situation arises. I'm not a pro and can not promise that this helps. Only advice I've noticed that good and important to be well received by the relationship between you and your 'friend', finally you have the dog not that he also leads you not that you are leading him every second. Your friends since and thus you have each other to listen to each other. That is just as you iwann find a solution that you have your dog show that you know that he does not like to bathe wird..aber that you wished for that, and he receives remuneration accordingly. I must say I have two dogs, both of which are fairly straightforward and the larger pretty much always the 'submissive' type does not mean that she has not her own head, BUT it is easier to live with it. because they are very dependent on a. I wish you all good luck and as I said please do not make me ready now because as incorrect advice here were. I know only that I'm at home and almost everything in my way. And no problems with my dogs did, except that he wants to hug imme .. but it is here for! :)) Lg Julia

run due to the way I would make him easy leash and the bite I ignore my dog ​​then most of the time is for my the greatest punishment and imprison the overhanging the canine from whether he prefers to socialize with people or not have to stop watching what he garnicht I fit from, for example, take his toys way and ignore him ne time half an hour or an hour just fine with him because he is usually so pardon he licks me then always

Ok now that could be a long text but I have always done it with my mouse when what made bad example. Bitten or something breaks they made always asked for 5min in the corner and whenever she wanted to stand on brought back again and so long until they in this corner was 5min if your dog you bite attempts at this exercise, shifting quickly in just in breast area away he may be for you but grab meet I think less if you also quickly wegziehst try the possibility to have a loud and strong voice, and whenever he bite or snatch wants with this voice and to say no otherwise try your hand then him more tricks to teach with treats and then catch the treats to reduce and if he does not hear bringt's you holding it in this position you want him when he bites since stump him best back in the waist just before the hind legs (hope you know where I mean) oh and if he even really gets you and not let go try that with the cheroot or if that does not work try to open his mouth with his hand Hope could help you if you ask any questions :) Ps. Take the first in the area where he is because he does not have as large fliehraum and if it works there then you can do it somewhere else :)

The problem is that the dog you not accepted as a "boss" - the rank fights never stop - a dog will often try to step out of line. He has bitten you while bathing - Plan B: Creating a muzzle next time. Perhaps he had just panic.

Beating the dog would be the worst - because he so gets only fear and lose confidence. Loving rigor, consistency. Or do you want one of these frightened dogs that run along with retracted cock and crouching next to her "people".

Only if you are consistent - can be guided by you the dog.

Catching yourself with him - bring him in command, let him walk on a leash - until it works. You must be at least a small "head" - and he has to accept you so much. So do not yell, do not pull, do not hit.

The dog trainer can not solve for you your problems with the dog - it can you just give advice.

Hi, none of us know each other and the dog and the information that you wrote, can actually really only conclude that you have you no feeling for the dog and unfortunately only sparse knowledge through reading you before. There is not the need for a dog to swim every so to do more damage than clean, a dog has a natural insulating layer so washes her and dampness and dirt can settle any easier :( So please do not bathe !!

For the feet, there is a gel pad of Pawcare because dips to the paws clean and the dirt that sticks to it, maybe it is better to aim for something times.

If a dog snaps at the holder and even wants to run away, then he is afraid, that in front of you. You must have made since brute errors that may be:

- Dog yell, hit, eternally about him stooping, even you have never met its limits by you his language neither understood nor heeded. Therefore, it is only for a bite, namely, when the dog thinks he has to defend itself, so it nothing happens. His eyes you attacked :( He will neither understand you and distrusts you why

Actually I see unassisted no chance, since dog owners sometimes a kind of "blindness" occurs to see it restricts error. Viellleicht you should times at the shelter ask whether not someone know the low possibly with you once a week at least passes as the most important things sometimes. We have also Pet Training for vulnerable where no charge is made and it runs on donations, perhaps some of you have also something near.

Otherwise, I can tell you really only rate, first to make as little as possible with the dog and first truly ergooglen the basics on the Internet and read for dog ownership. Among others, what you do when a puppy feeding, then the very important Calming Signals, so that you can also understand your dog and just trust and work geeigngete Search games with which you can strengthen the bond. Would be really important that you times really are dealing with the subject dog so that your dog will not even more harassed (albeit unintentionally) ....

your dog was allowed (for whatever reason) always do only what he wanted. and if that was so, he has apparently already bitten you before. he just did not want to bathe and has it to you quite strongly made clear by not released. and now sits the poor dog locked up in a room? how so? are you afraid of him? do you mean, you punish him with it?

you are exactly the reason why all (future) would actually make dog owners before a "language course for dog education". many of these "anti car ritaer" behaved dogs end up in animal shelters because they have become "snapping bite-machine", before which no family member is safe. and the local staff have then fully to do all haende to this dog again "to bend" that they are employable.

the "essence of a dog" is (as rudel animal) set out to the instructions and rules HIGHER asked "rudel members" to subdue. he takes you not nauseous when you forbid him something, on the contrary, that makes him "happy"

but now you have it so dirty (in my opinion) that you will not manage without professional help, to offer your dog a "pet-friendly" and live you a "ungebissenes". house or not - let the dog out of the room, bathe him first only with muzzle and makes you as quick as possible on the search for a dog trainer

What does the confinement? The dog does not understand the form of punishment. And why paws wash? Simply wipe with a towel.

how often is washed your dog? That he responded with biting? My dogs love Wasser.aber alas I have to shower off times, they die almost.

Without a Trainier you come no further, because you have zero idea about dogs.

I'd ersz times Start and the dog only to hand-feed each performance. Say for each executed command he bekomnt Futtrr, he does not, he gets nothing. Then Hoehr on the dog to pick up, it is not a doll, and dogs must not be abheduscht because Schnutzige paws.

Then you look for a dog school before the poor animal still comes because your error to the shelter or euthanized. You should the dog not measures because dee dog has no respect before you. Would you leave you from one person, what are you no respect what say? I certainly do not, and many dogs do not.

You must only times you earn repekt. So feedin di only the dog out of hand and only to power

no matter what kind of tips you get here, you've got it "dirty" and your dog needs finally rudel and a leader, because HE is not suitable to lead a pack, YOU have to learn it now and relieve him of this load and that can only with viiiiiel work, patience, love, consequence (= means always the same), and perseverance under more professional guidance ... here you get only announce superficial, unsettle you and especially your dog ... so, starting in the dog school; - )

all that from here "I punish my dog ​​(the biting me!) as I ignore him" and "Do not even be roughly" uswundsofort I recommend is (at the zoo, in television, in net, etc) by the behavior within a wolf pack to look. and (ie all people of a "pack") is always above the dog human being. the (family) dog is (must) (to be) the lowest-ranking member rudel

Yes, it was a VERY big mistake, but you can manage it. Get books and Inform you ... You have to be very consistent now. But ::: with wet feet you do not have him BADEN !!! Dryness simply with a towel;) Good luck

Your dog will hardly understand that he was detained because he bit you. He follows only his natural behavior. He has served as pack leader saying and no one has to force him to something. Experiment really with professional help. You yourself seem to be so overwhelmed immeasurably.

Please get the dog out of the room immediately ... - such a "penalty" does not understand your dog!

How about with you from the bite injury? What's your vaccinated against tetanus? Please see to ... If you have an open, ie bleeding, injury, then you have the sore necessarily take advice in hospital immediately in your vaccination record. Bite injuries must be thoroughly cleaned and properly connected.

And now to your dog ...

Dogs are not bathed! - If they have wallowed in manure or something equally yucky or smelly, wash with lukewarm water and possibly hip cider vinegar or a mild shampoo.

but he may bite you under any circumstances!

Can it be that your dog feels pain when you want to pick him up? Then you should go despite tight budget times to the vet and let clarify the ...

And you can still make obedience exercises with your Yoshi - that costs no money and makes you both joy. No matter how old your dog is - is adaptive and it remains ...

All the best for you both!

so I have dogs, and that has NEVER made a (clear as puppy at play, but that was given up very quickly) you are nunmal to blame for the whole thing yourself! You did indeed admitted that he may do what he wants, and if a dog is not from an early age teaches what he can and can not have you screwed it in most cases!

Since you have not taken the chief role of anfangan, the dog had to do that! Since you are comfortable not so good with dogs, and that you still the boss role get back now you need professional help!

That your dog bites you is not going to show the dog that you are the pack leader and if he will not hear you give him a slight pat on the nose gaaaanz

Ohh that's a tough one, because probably need professional help. Or, unfortunately, you have to subdue him. But that needs a good guide.

Him educate with patience CORRECT. There are good books to. We were in a police dog training school that was not expensive.

My makes sometimes you have to show him that it hurt you but you must not be afraid to show otherwise he continues and my I have often shout that he zsm twitches ... There are also many beautiful gabz follow the dog whisperer cesar milan there can you are also past times look really good tips that you can do

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