my dog ​​barks at everyone and everything .. what to do? : /

Hello. My dog ​​is a 'Biewer Yorkshire Terrier' & '4 year old. Bin but once someone runs a lot with him outside in the garden by he starts running and barking like crazy and also hears often when I call him back. He also never comes to play, he is always occupied with watching and listening. And when I try to play with him and the ball he plays 5 minutes and then he sits down and holds further out.

Even if I go for a walk with him, he barks at people, dogs and sometimes even bicycles. However, he is also very jumpy.

& 'Sometimes when I call him he ignores me ...

But he is a lovable dog and at home he always snuggles close to me and there is also not the case.

How do I get it out of him that he barks at every little thing?

I do not know what to do ... Please order Useful advice !!

Thank you in advance! :)

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The dog seems to have a very territorial. Potential intruders (people shall go outside the house) are quickly identified and barked.

When going for a walk, it might be a simple mob behavior, or a defensive posture (a dog comes the mistress / master = food source too close and is sold.)

In such cases, it can help the canvas with force on the ground to throw in front of the dog. Here the dog not look dignified and walk away with good pace. Importantly the ignore.

Search best another dog owner and practicing the times.

Quite obviously thinks the little guy, he must pay attention to everything. That would actually be your task, you had to give him the feeling that you have the environment under control. Consequently, it does not seem to agree with the bond with you.

Unfortunately, all too often omitted in micro and small dogs on a proper education, just what barking, race and territorial behavior is concerned, the end of it are overstimulated, stressed out small guys who stoke the prejudice of small barker.

So you must relatively far start from scratch, working on the bond and especially give the dog the security he needs. Then he no longer the need to have to have everything under control.

Your Small probably thinks he has to take care of everything. My 3 year old female, was sometimes the same opinion, so I grabbed the leash and am with her in the city. There she was rather uncertain and has turned to me because I now had the overview. After this trip she trusted me somehow and whenever a saving ornamental predecessor comes and switches it back, I let them sit and stand in front of her, then she calms down :) Otherwise, I advise you to ham or cheese as treats to the Games and Come more enjoyable;) I hope I could help you: D

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