my dog ​​barks at night on foreign

hello, dogs, friends, my white shepherd dog biennially, trained therapy dog ​​in use, the practically never barks and is very well behaved, reacted unsafe at night to other people when we meet them outside. However, not all, I think sometimes there are details to unsettle him. for example had a one wrapped in foil bouquet in hand, and from a distance in the dark irritated the likely or was bad einordbar. what I know .. Of course, I also know that my dog ​​is with its just two years not yet mature, and we live in a rural area and meet at night rarely strange people and it therefore lacks routine. My question for you is, except for the dog leash on the lead and myself to stay calm, how would that treat their subject? sometimes I ask the people if we could come up to them, so that he sees that they go no danger, but still I can not do that because some people are afraid understandable as, after all, my dog ​​weighs almost 40kg. your opinions interest me. Of course I will also subject the dog sports group my trainer present, but I am curious what think other dogs connoisseur to.

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my dog ​​(6 years) yesterday night a garbage growled, the last 6 years is always the same mind.

I then let my dog ​​usually settle go to the Monster ton, look at it, touch it and then they turn me tell the bitch: everything was great! willste behold me? Then the bitch can decide whether they want to go out or rather not.

In people I go with her to the side and let them behold, I myself am then quite releaxt and hum a song to myself. I do not even look at the man, because he is not important to me. My dog ​​noticed pretty quick and the man I do not care, so he can not even be dangerous.

One can place sums to sing, but I think that acts on the night walkers disturbing ...

When my dog ​​that works not against it. With him I have to run a huge arc.


as well do you feel outside at night? Sometimes transmits indeed of holders on dog. I would go to practice. Currently there is still quite dark early and it does not degenerate into night walks out. Dog snapping in higher traffic areas drive and eggs with "play, fun and good humor" in the dark through the area. I drive with no mmer again in the closer gelgene big city, easy to get them used to a lot of "different" types of people. In my grumbling that had, in people with significant Gehfehlern -.-

Then the trainier but with him. Whenever he barks, you going with him and show him 'everything OK, sweetie'. Once you do that often enough, he linked that since nothing is evil and will be quiet. Although I think it's good when our two Fellnasen sometimes grumble o. Bark, in some dubious contemporaries late. ;-))

An object with strangers in hand can trigger a protective function in the dog. I myself have a police dog that does not bark, but someone should be positive, even turns without barking. In the dog sport you can work off the behavior. It lives only slightly

My Dobis are daily while on hab eight position and very freundlich.Im dark but sharp as Rasierklingen.Sie also show immediately: Hallo du da keep my distance. I feel michdann sicher.Oder you know who you da encountered in the dark and as his intentions are? Be glad that your dog does its job

I would ignore and pass this behavior.

My dwarf is indeed just a family dog, but if something is different, he reacts with stand, fix and sometimes grumble.

So when suddenly a fence is somebody who has since never been what is wrong. :-)

Good watchdog halt.

Completely ok and not disturbing. My barking sometimes the mailbox at ... ;-))) Dog see supposedly only black / gray / white-Zeichnngrn. And in the dark, you watch some games "ghosts" ... I think it's absolutely fine to have a rather vorsichtigern dog than a dröseligen who feut over every trash can ... ;-))

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