my dog ​​barks at night

Hello, My Dog (Hunting Dog and Biegel hybrid) 9 months old barks constantly at night the garage gate and barn at. Since the birds have laid eggs and she barks at the. I can not take them into the house because familiärische reason it has the whole place to yourself. I do not want to give up because it is close to my heart in.

I need your help gives me some advice.

The best answer

probably the dog is challenged, what you done with the animal?

So a beagle mix needs employment and I mean no go walkies but nose work, mental work.

a dog belongs night also ina house for his family. A dog does not need a decorated room. He wants to sleep next to her caregiver.

Your dog probably missing a caregiver, someone whom he can trust and leads him properly.

I believe you that you love your mouse, but the attitude is not right.

I would you rate, the dog properly and to employ it properly to keep

I find's somehow sad that you can not even write the breed of your dog. I suppose that thou art little busy in the run with dog ownership in general, and certainly not with race-specific things.

If I understand you correctly, you keep a dog, in which at least partially a pack dog lies just at night alone, separated from his pack. In an age where you can not always be too long alone dogs. In other words: This is animal cruelty!

The dog is terrified because he at night in particular has no connection to his group. The dog's behavior will not change for the same attitude, the dog is not the problem, but it does something wrong.

No matter what reasons you banished the dog outside, find a way, as the dog also can be with you at night, or give it into the hands of people with more dogs mind.

It is only for the evening which can accommodate anywhere fast as in your room and the morning down bring right back. Wen one of your members an allergy has against pet hair is not going course but who someone is afraid before has she not remember who you are fast.

For family reasons? What reasons are that the dog is not allowed into the house? No wonder he barks when he's all alone out there.

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