My dog ​​barks whenever he does not get

What should I do

The best answer

Your dog is not trained!

You should give much more expertise for dealing with dogs learn. A dog school would be a good address for you both.

If you have no idea when dealing with dogs, a any tips continue to help much. One has to understand dogs and their reactions by nature. Only then you can hand control accordingly!

your dog has learned when he with barking annoys you just long enough that he gets what he wants. just make the toddlers also.

you should now simply not to be received barking, his needs-ignore only once and at the same time but also in everyday life ever learn the leadership to take over. the behavior of your dog has to do with lack of leadership on your part and that you should change. I recommend a good dog school.

Have you as a child differently? You have to show him where to go. This is called education.

Ignore he will learn that there is no point

Bring up...

He has apparently always so successful, and he his sake receives will make ers on.

My dog ​​had a young dog barking the quirks when preparing Futtrr takes zulang. Every time he barked, I have my Zubetritung interrupted and I sat down on the sofa and made something else.


Although I could help you with your problem, but I earn my livelihood with such aids. That's why I recommend you prefer, please consult with your problem to a specialist people for dog and I mean a behavioral therapist for dogs.



AUS - so is the magic word, you have to educate. lg Lilo

What should I do

Education is the magic word!

If you can not make to educate him, then look to a dog school. There you will learn and even the dog!

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