My dog ​​begins to tremble VERY IMPORTANT

I got up this morning and everything was still in order'm down gegeangen the dog was quiet then I'm still an hour fürn gone to bed my mother has him out then gell ate when I went down and had purely brought him because he has begun to ztittern (it is, incidentally, 5.5 degree and my dog ​​was in front of 3 days clipped). went not want to leave, I went back into my room 2 hours later, the dog was out again and I was up and he gejankt like a wolf, I'm down gegagen and wanted him back inside hollow but my mother wanted not the outside should. got him dan in anyway brought then he still trembled .. while he was place to control exposure to my mother everything in order just so much I have to get then 20 min. later he was outside the door and has looked out and was shaking like crazy ... it's the cold ?? or he villeicht fear ?? he villeicht ja ne ohrenentzuündung and at loud noises he trembles Weil's too loud ?? BITTTTE HELP ME

The best answer

do you have a bitch in heat in the neighborhood? He will tremble with excitement, whine and to want out ... since careful a strong drive dog is "an impossible" in civil whom they want ...

If a dog is shaking that is usually an indication of pain. Why he was shaved, so early in the year? Why do not you with your dog for a walk, instead of sending him alone in the garden? What he supposed to do, stand around out there? If it is a male, a woman in the neighborhood läufiges can upset the dog so that he trembles. But usually it indicates pain.

This severe and persistent tremor of your dog makes me suspect that he is in pain ...

But for something completely different: why in three-devil names you have a dog by the current low temperatures because already may shave?

Why the dog is "locked out" with you?

My First Aid - tip would be: change the basket of your dog or its Hela ceiling close to the heating ... If the dog "only" needs the warmth, he will stop pretty quick to tremble ...

Otherwise you have no other choice than to go to the on-duty emergency vet and to examine your dog.

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