My dog ​​behaves strangely against my friend (difficulty walking)

Hello, here a little problem where I myself unfortunately I no longer help know've already back and forth considering how to train it, but falls me nothing clever one. First problem. I have a friend who suffers from MS for over 12 years, the last six months it has become worse and he is very uncertain transition. In addition I have over 5 years a small Mixhündin of animal welfare, it totally treatable and really good hearing. For about 2-3 months there is the appearance it has when she would fully aware pure race my friend in his legs, so he's been overthrown a few times so as not to step on them on it. This makes them exclusively with him, it had even tried my dog ​​to overrun, actually impossible, because all people are getting it pays not just reinzurennen in the legs. Say with me she dodges, with him she runs pure. I have it now tries indelibly ranzurufen soon as my friend is nearby, just can not be the solution in the long run. I want as easily come no idea how to break it to her just not to make and just keep him distance. Especially since he indeed wants to go out in spite of his disability with the dogs, it may rotate uncertain but the means for him to a certain extent of freedom and self-determination. Our male Google for example, has thus no problems on the contrary, when going for a walk, it helps to keep him balance better, but he has now also a harness what the pressure is better distributed. Only my dog ​​dancing as just out of line and the very massive, times asked him to make a video on the go, simply because they just do not do it with me and I also could not imagine. But the video shows just how she runs him repeatedly in the legs, so that he can never settle the leash of her or can make long. What strikes me to which she is extremely am panting there and looks very pierced. What if we do not make me Gassigehen up, with me it is more off leash go and running normally. I think that the unsteadiness makes her stress, but I know no advice on how I could tell her the reason, it is not to fall into stress. Then my friend does not have the problem that they well how can you say behave strangely at Hundebegnungen. In the beginning they had the behavior when we took them out of the shelter, as downright stride down everything as soon as has been pleased. That makes today when she sees other dogs if they go with my friend. They fixed the other dog of wide (which is insecurity and aggression for me) and then begins pathetic screaming (no barking, no squeaks, no beep - she cries). And until it the other dog can, it can sniff and then she goes further than would have been nothing. Then I ask myself just what I was to my friend advise ??

The best answer

Could it be that bitch concludes that they must take responsibility outside due to the unsteadiness of your friend? And thereby is so stressed? I do not think the dog your friend runs with the intention in the legs to bring him down. I rather think that she scurries around like of uncertainty that happening.

It is from afar always hard to find something to guess, but I would work to ensure that your friend exudes despite its limitations calm and self-confidence. And he was the thing itself regulate (ie send the dog as to their position as it passes before his feet around). It would also be better if he does not go with two dogs simultaneously, but with the female alone, so that he can concentrate on them. Given the dog to a normal short leash hanging (so no Flexi etc. and also once no freewheel) and any around hampeln or front running quietly but firmly stop. That simply take the line a little shorter, so they have to walk beside him. Good behavior with quiet praise and ev. Food (ie something in which they do not turning up) reinforce, ignore inappropriate behavior and thereby prevent it comes to situations in which your friend at the end still crashes.

In Dogs encounters I would handle it similarly. Under no circumstances you are allowed the dog to let other dogs if they are as previously makes a theater! For they have rewarded yes for the behavior shown before and it consolidates like! When a dog comes into view, the Hündinins command should be taken before they fixed / barking / crying. It would be best if it is to have eye contact with your friend, which interrupts potential fix the other dog and usually even bark etc. If that does not, then best to just turn around, mitzerren dog pinch and wait until it runs decently again and focused on your friend. Then it can go towards other dog again. Should not even be possible, still remains to lead the dog as calm as possible on other past and completely ignore the behavior. But as I said, in contact with other dogs, there is no longer, if they misbehave.

If there were no problems with your boyfriend and the dog before, she should thus actually quite quickly realize that your friend has everything under control and they have to worry about nothing, even if he is a bit unsteady on his feet.

To me that sounds like naughty behavior.

Coupled with an uncertainty that is because they are not as affectionate treasuring puppy to all environmental stimuli was coined (hence different people and). Unfortunately, a fate she shares with almost all street dogs ...

If it bumps into / blocks / will bring down the friend, he should do well with her times. Not to dodge the "poor doggie", but react like a higher-ranking dog would react, their personal space has been exceeded. The did not let themselves offer such insolence namely.

to Kläfferei / yelling: also because I would sometimes intervene energetically and forbid her mouth = So snout hold! Still now !!

This too is a joke that takes them out, because she thinks the world is hers.

It occurs not brutally, but energetic and purposeful.

I debke not that you prepare the stress but rather that it is unsafe. Just dogs from poor posture are as prone to. Maybe your little one is so stressed that it is entirely verpeilt by uncertainty. I know this from my dog ​​(comes from Ner killing station). Since real help only patience. stop when she runs him between the legs. Set beside him and wait that it is relaxed. This can sometimes take. Praise and move on. But I am also really not an expert. Just so gut feeling. Does my dog ​​super

I think it takes advantage of his weakness * *.

My Chi is a mad dog when I walk but with him and I am not doing well, then he uses the shamelessly tramples and * * still neatly on my makeup rum.

So small, like mine is, weakness, I can not allow him. ;-)

the thing with the cry when a dog comes you yourselves verstäkrt. she screams and must reward the dog. I'd long as she screams her deny what she wants. Keeps them the flap it must be dem.anderen dog. Something you can just practice only with scheduled meetings.

you go to a dog when your dog begins to scream turn around and go away, it is quiet to run again at the dog.

The with running a professional should look at.

It may be that she is jealous: / but otherwise white ego not :) Ps not write so much that almost no one reads through :)

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