My dog ​​behaves weird / anxiety / nightmares

We have a 4 year old Labrador dog. He behaves lately funny and the only change that has taken place in us is the room distribution. I can not imagine that that has something to do with me, however. Anyway, he scrapes evenings always at my door and whines. I gave him fresh water, available forage, 0:30 am went out in the night with him and he's still so dazed. He stood in the vestibule and barked but since we do not, even in the house was none. He scratched even with my sister and with my parents at the door, which he never does otherwise. He has put down from time to time in my room, but then wanted to back out when I closed the door, has also not fit him. He wanted me to come into the corridor with, I've also made but then he has there just sat down and looked at me. This is repeated from time to time. He also seems to have nightmares. He has slept with me tonight, he whimpered in his sleep and gnashed their teeth. He works all the time very tired and scared. I dunno what might be going on. Maybe he physical discomfort and we get nich with

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Hi, how is he during the day, he is as quiet or he runs you possibly behind in every room? My guess it can find the closed door very stupid. What does he do when you leave your door on the night and it can get to sleep, when he wants. If it is in your room and approaching the door he may wax application yes not fill so well because he got the door does not respond as you scrape on his nocturnal under his control hat.Und, are hinterhergestiefelt him, you could have signaled him you desires to be awakened at night to go with him into the hall. Is now not so easy to say why he does it or has made. Viellleicht was the first night really what, but the nights thereafter can be eintrainiert already, since you have the game so well right participated. Because teeth grinding at night I would however really time consult the veterinarian and times can examine jaws and teeth, if everything is in order.

he Vlt pain and is therefore uneasy. My dog ​​has actually had problems with her knee. It runs at night often back and forth, scratching on the floor.

Is he neutered? Life with you in the neighborhood bitches? a bitch in heat may also be reason for the unrest

Klaro, an examination at the vet is always good and right and I would let them do it. But after not klingts. What I lack Info: How and where did the dog BEFORE the room change asleep? For there could already be found the "Egg of Columbus".

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