My dog ​​breaks all the time ... :(

Hello my dears :)

. Silk morning breaks my dog ​​all the time :( now it is so that it is only yellow liquid At the vet I've phoned unfortunately it is so that I only tonight against 19: 30Hour've NEN appointment gotten Because there. before and afternoon nobody is in practice. now, it is unfortunately so that my small as apathetic running around and vomits. can I temporarily help her somehow? Normally chamomile tea is not always so good for dogs but I can her what can stand? you will always get out into the garden and eating grass. Since then, the vet told me that they do that is if the pProbleme with the stomach or then for the stomach household. Just the runs here rum as counterfeit money and vomits repeatedly I do something? reply Thank you in advance for

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runs here rum as counterfeit money and vomits repeatedly I can do anything?

until tonight you can not wait so. Take the dog and moving to another veterinarian or animal hospital! For something you must also make an appointment, as an emergency. Dates you do only at OP's, X-ray and costly investigations.

Enter postcode and place and already you have all vets / clinics next to you on the screen!

Hi can only next Vet / Animal hospital go and "help" your veterinarian noted tidy and never go there go back to see the! This may (but need not) be an emergency, if it has what eaten outdoors or indoors, such as tablets, cleaner, outside tried the wrong plant or the like ..... then it may be there already this evening for your dog is late! Especially when apathetic acts (although I must say in fairness, have never seen an apathetic dog who is still running) should urgently go to the vet ..... And explained by the people I was once the Norovirus caught, time of the infection until the outbreak were six hours .... after 5 hours vomiting and diarrhea, I was hospitalized because I dehydrated and am also repeatedly upset! So please do not take lightly such stories .....

Have Heilerde 1, ie simply by itself, in the house? If you dissolve the water, maybe she drinks it and given her until tonight some improvement. If she wants to eat grass, they'll know what it does. Ask but here times after

lg Lilo

What's that for a TA, which gives you at a clear emergency only for evening an appointment !? Driving with the arms in a veterinary clinic! It could be a poisoning o. Be anything bad! Dear hundred times too cautious than once too superficial. Tonight it might be too late. And changing the TA, but first tell him right times, the opinion and tell everyone you know, what kind of an irresponsible type! * Shocked peep! *

I would go immediately to a hospital. The dog of a friend had similar symptoms and was Poisoned. Of course, it may be only an infection, but I would not avoid until tonight.


I would not wait until the evening! Driving the dog in a veterinary clinic, there's always someone there. Give the dog nothing to eat, worry only enough water.

Memorize exactly how the vomit looked like, color, consistency and undigested contents. This can help the veterinarian in the search for the cause.

I wish your favorite speedy recovery!

Greeting Lirin

the yellow liquid is probably bile and gastric juice, if I were you I would at the same TA an emergency appointment requests (each TA should have, then he comes immediately) - otherwise the other veterinarian.

What exactly is it you can not really say, may go when going for what eaten poisonous, can have many reasons, harmless, but also serious. Ifs my dog ​​would I would sofot the nearest veterinarian drive.

Just give him water and nothing to feed, so that soothes the stomach. Over swab and wait for the appointment, can not really you here.

Have you no veterinary clinic nearby or another vet?

Please traveling to another TA.

My vet is always available and is used in such cases, passing before his shift.

Has she eaten anything except her dog food or grass ???

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