My dog ​​can not be meshed

My dog ​​can he never comb always starts barking and jumping off who I want to comb him but he has become matted correctly white jemad as I can comb it without him to make hurt ??

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If the coat is matted now all right, you should because nothing make. Go with the dog in a dog salon or calling a mobile grooming. The can as safely save what.

And if the coat is then neatly, then you have the combing and brushing practice every day with your dog, do not last long and keep many treats ready.

If you can not do this alone, then a visit to the dog hairdresser has just become a permanent fixture. Even a dog does matted fur hurt much.

Good succeed


That you can train in the you link combing with a positive experience for the dog.

eg you kämmst him 1 time and there it always a treat. That you repeat several times. Then you kämmst him 2 times and there it always a treat. And as you increase it until it can endure at some point for a treat completely about himself

My has not let first combing - bathing was a disaster. With patience and treat both soon went quite well and is getting better and is no longer a problem. But has taken in his case a very long time ... ca. 1 Year ... because he was overall very anxious.

What is it for a dog?

How old is your dog? Have not you practiced reasonable that it should be possible to brush and comb like?

And when the dog looks now so unkempt and matted, then you have no alternative, as you quickly look for a proper dog hairdresser ...

Good dog hairdressers are then ready to teach you a few things as you tend the dog properly ...

@ MMRR5,

for years I take my dogs for the care of the skin in a dog salon. These are my dogs worth.



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